Monday, November 11, 2019

Roll on Turf and Artificial Lawn Installers Dublin

We offer a turfing service in Dublin where we can lay a new lawn for you and take care of any turf soil you may require. This can also include custom designs where we will combine your grass (artificial or roll on turf) with hardscaping such as pathways, natural stone bordered lawns and water features.

When you opt for roll on turf, the process is relatively simple. We will replace the area you specify, it does not matter if it was a grass area before or not. We will excavate it down to ensure we can create the right base for growing a nice new lawn.

Once its prepared, we will put in a new turfing soil which we will roll in to ensure its solid and that its level is set to the right heights. Under this soil, we will always put in a new foundation to make sure any water will drain through your lawn. Nothing is worse than a waterlogged lawn!

The new roll on turf is put on top of the prepared soil area where sometimes we will add sand on top of the soil before to make it a bit firmer. The lawn gets rolled on and over the next few weeks, the lawn will starting growing roots down into the base. As long as its kept watered, it should develop very fast with a seamless lawn in place after only a few weeks.

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Another option for homeowners in Dublin is artificial grass. Its become fairly popular with more and more people looking for easy maintenance. The range of choices available now for artificial grass is significant. With choices on standard astra turf to luscious imitation grass which is soft to walk on and looks authentic.

The benefit to this is the lawn never needs cutting! During those winters months, the lawn will stay in pristine condition so come early spring, all you have to do is move your chairs back to your patio with no maintenance whatsoever required!

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If you would like a free quote on having a new lawn, roll on turf or artificial grass installed at your residence in Dublin, call the team at O'Brien Driveways today. Expert services at unbeatable prices.

We not only provide a range of lawn and garden services, we are specialists at fencing installations in Dublin, bricklaying and laying down new patios in Dublin.


Wooden Fence Installers

New fence and wooden railing installations for Dublin. We can offer you the best price and options of wood panel installations in County Dublin. We work with quality feather edge panels, lap panels, close board panels. Every one of our fencing installations are built for durability with options on concrete posts or wooden post depending of your fencing needs.

First of all, you should determine the purpose of your fence. Do you want to increase the privacy, the security or the aesthetics for your property? You can choose from a wide variety of fence types.

You can discuss your needs with our team at O'Brien Driveways during our free quote at your home in Dublin, We will give you detailed breakdown and options on the various types of wooden fence panels and designs available. Here are some of the most common privacy and decorative fences that we install:

  • Overlap fences

  • Closeboard fences

  • Picket fences

  • Larchlap fences

  • Different types of screenings, such as bamboo and more

  • Variety of trellis designs are also available

  • Brick fences

Our fence installation experts can also install aluminum and wooden gates, and deal with all kinds of wooden constructions for your garden.

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Some of our customers just need some fencing that are in need of repairs. That is why our fencing installers have also specialised in this services and are very good at it. They can help you out with the following procedures:

  • Fence post repairs and replacement, no matter if wooden or concrete

  • Fence panels repairs and replacement

  • Wooden gate repairs

  • Repairs and replacement of old trellis panels

  • Repairs of arbors, pergolas and other wooden structures in your garden

Call the team at O'Brien Driveways today in Dublin to schedule a free quote on having new fencing built at your home. We are not only exceptional fence installers, we provide a range of improvement services for your garden including bricklaying, patio laying and artificial grass installations.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

New Tarmac Driveway Laid by O'Brien Driveways

Here we have another completed driveway installation by O'Brien Driveways in Dublin. Offering unbeatable value on installing driveways in Dublin. This was a shared driveway area for small town houses.

The old tarmac driveway was very worn down and had potholes and raveling occuring throughout the driveway area. We replaced the entire surface and put in a new foundation to ensure a strong, durable driveway installation.

We put down our tarmacadam and machine power rolled it to ensure a long lasting finish on the driveway area.

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You can view more of our services at:

Tarmac Driveways:

Block Paving:


Monday, July 22, 2019

Patio Paving Installation in Dublin

Here is a patio paving installation just completed by O'Brien Driveways in Dublin. Experts at patio paving in Dublin. We redesigned the entire area removing all the old lawn area.

Put in a new foundation, added a base for setting levels on finished patio paving, put in a low maintenance gravel area with membrane sheeting and a recessed inspection chamber.

Laid down the new patio paving in an offset line pattern. The flagstones are from the Kilsarans range of slabbing. The border was done in a matching colour using cobble setts from Kilsaran.

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Want a quote on your patio? Get in touch with O'Brien Driveways in Dublin. Visit:

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Patio Laid in Dublin

Another patio finished for a satisfied customer in Dublin. Our skilled patio contractors can build all sorts of patios for you at an affordable price.

This patio was completely redesigned with patio area created for sitting out in the summer time and a new shaped pathway leading down the back of the shed.

We put in a new foundation for the base, added membrane sheeting and laid a granite Kilsaran slab down as the finished surface.

You can get your own quote today by visiting and getting in touch. Quality work from a registered contractor in Dublin.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Granite Stone Patio Built in Dublin. New Walling, Slabs, Lawn and More

Another patio installation completed by O'Brien Driveways in Dublin. Experts at patio paving in Dublin.

This project was a complete overhaul of the entire garden area. We put in new walling for retaining a new flower bed. New foundation over the entire area.

New drainage was added along with new covers for the inspection chambers and easy access covers. We built a new step at the back door.

Put in a new lawn area and laid down a natural granite stone patio on the patio area with a tumbled granite cobble stone as a border which was hand laid in mortar.

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Call today to get a great price on installing or replacing your patio in Dublin. Free estimates. When you want a durable, long lasting and beautifully laid patio, call O'Brien Driveways. Find out more at

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why Choose Paving in Dublin

When it comes to creating your driveway in Dublin, the most common and reliable option is Paving Dublin. It is long lasting, durable and whilst costs a little more than tarmac, the overall durability and appearance makes it an outstanding option for your driveway.


With paving in Dublin, you have multiple options to choose from. Most of the paving suppliers all have similar styles of paving, for example Pedesta paving from Tobermore and Slane paving from Kilsaran are the same shape allowing the same designs and patterns.

The biggest difference between manufacturers is normally the finished colour of your paving Dublin. A brindle colour(red and black mixed) can have completely different shades on either type of paving.

We recommend always picking from the two main suppliers for paving Dublin of either Kilsaran or Tobermore since both provide long manufacturer guarantees on there paving products.


Block Paving can be laid in multiple styles with the most styles being herringbone laid either at 45 or 90 degrees. It can be laid in stretcher bond and basket weave as well although for stability, we recommend the herringbone for driveways in Dublin.

On pathways or patios you can pick whatever type of pattern you would like as the pressure from traffic will not affect it whatsoever.

There is cobble stone paving options available that can be laid in either 1, 2 or 3 sized paving blocks. The most popular option from Kilsaran is the Lismore range and the Tobermore option is the Tegula paving option.

This type of paving is laid in a staggered or offset pattern in lines across your driveway. You can choose to run the lines vertically, horizontally or at an angle.


During our free quote, we can go through the various Dublin paving options that are available and help to guide you picking a suitable driveway paving or garden paving option for your home.

The most important thing to remember is to pick the right paving contractor for your installation. With our team at O'Brien Driveways, you know you are getting a very well established paving company that will build your driveway or patio to a high standard and stand by their workmanship.

If you would like to know more, visit our website at

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Driveway Done With Paving Dublin

Here we have another driveway installation completed by O'Brien Driveways. Your best choice for Paving Dublin. We replaced the old driveway with a new Cobble stone style block paving in Dublin.

New foundation, membrane and drainage installed. New paved granite step at the front door and a raised block kerb around the flower bed.

Natural grey border around the driveway to help make it stand out. You can find out more about paving Dublin at our website:

Paving DublinPaving Dublin

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New Patio Installation in Dundrum, Dublin

Here we have another patio installation completed by O'Brien Driveways Dublin, your local paving contractors for Dublin. We shaped out the lawn area for the new features, cut out the lawn areas.

New type 1 base was laid where required. Bordering was set in by hand using a concrete bed, new shed base and small seating area was build at the back in the corner for them to sit out and enjoy the sun.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Tarmac Driveway Laid in Clondalkin, Dublin

We have just laid a new tarmac driveway in Ronanstown, Clondalkin in Dublin. We removed the two lawn sections either side of the current driveway to increase the overall size of the driveway.

Added a nice paved border around the driveway and put down new base, membrane sheeting and a new tarmac finish over the entire area. We bitumen sealed the joint at the  start of the driveway to tie it in with the pavement. You can view more of our work at:

Friday, April 19, 2019

Driveway Installation Dublin

Here is another driveway installation from O'Brien Driveways in Dublin. Block paved driveway installed with Kilsaran paving. New base, membrane sheeting and block paving laid on top set to accurate levels.

Old driveway was replaced with the old lawn removed as well to ensure enough space for parking cars on it.

Double border around the driveway with granite sets and drainage set across the front of the house to catch the surface water.

driveway paving laid in Dublindriveway paving laid in Dublindriveway paving laid in Dublin Call our team to book a free quote in Dublin. When you need a new driveways Dublin, call O'Brien Driveways in Dublin.

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Affordable, reliable and quality driveway services in Dublin.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Patio and Garden Transformation in Malahide, Dublin

New garden and patio installation in Malahide, Dublin. Removed the old lawn area. Added a new curved block paving pathway.

Membrane sheeting, new lawn installed. Flower beds either side set with a brick on edge in concrete and circular flower beds set with a paving border in the lawn.

Patio area at door laid with Kilsaran paving and in a stretcher bond pattern. Get a FREE quote today on having a new patio in Dublin laid by O'Brien Driveways.

Experts at all styles of block paving, garden paving and patio paving on gardens and patios. Unbeatable prices.

Tarmac Driveway Installation in Celbridge, County Kildare

Completed a large tarmac driveway installation in Celbridge, County Kildare. Completely new sections installed. New private roadway built.

New concrete edging kerbs. Lawns on either side replaced with new soil and leveled off. Levels on the tarmac was set to ensure a clean run off of any surface water with drainage set out to capture the water.

Two layers of tarmac with a hard wearing course applied to ensure a long lasting finish on the entire area.

Call out O'Brien Driveways Dublin when you want to get the job done right and at a price that is affordable to you. Free quotes.